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Agri refection

Our family runs this Agriturismo in a simple and cozy location. We can manage to host a maximum of 90 guests in order to keep our service dedicated to each patron.
The cuisine we offer is natural, down-to-earth and based upon typical dishes from Friuli and Veneto. All the product we use are essentially local, because we produce them in our own farm.
The appetizers are usually made from our cold cuts; in addition to that, our chef is used to enrich them with their extravagant and tasty creations.
Moreover, the menu is every day different. A guest may be able to choose between main courses of gnocchi, pates, orzotti and soups. One can also follow up with second courses made of beef, pork, rabbit, chicken, turkey and seasonal vegetables. All this wonderful dishes are usually matched with typical wines from Friuli and Veneto (from the white Friulano, to the black Cabernet, Refosco, Merlot and others).
Desserts are also prepared with extreme care by our chef, both with natural ingredient and without yeast.
As already mentioned, all the meat prepared and served comes from our farm and it is also possible for our guest to visit it freely in every moment.

Our guest may also book the place for lunch, dinner or any other special occasion that comes to mind (like birthday, anniversary, baptism, holy communion, reception, business dinner, …). It is the perfect way to celebrate in an intimate, warming and informal location.


We are waiting for you with open arms:

We open for dinner at 18:30 from Wednesday to Saturday
On Sunday we are open for both lunch and dinner
We kindly suggest you to book if you want to dine at our place on Saturday dinnertime and Sunday lunchtime.


What we offer:

  • typical cuisine from Friuli and Veneto
  • home grown product like meat and cold cuts
  • private parking
  • outside playground for children
  • free visit to the animals of the adjacent farm