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Our products

From baby beef to "sorana" meat (a female baby beef, no older than 20 months), from the fabulous veal to the most savoury "bresaola" (dried beef): you may find every kind of meat products in our factory store.

From our swine we make every meat cuts, sausages and typical "salumi" (various kinds of cooked and cold meat), such as "prosciutto" (raw ham), speck ham, "ossocollo" (the meat around the swine neck bone), pork underbelly, "culatello" (ham made from pork loin), pork ribs, salty swine lard, salami, "musetti" (large boiled pork sausages), "soppressata" (cold pressed pork meat), sausages, livers and much more.
Almost once every month we also butcher our chickens, whose meat is extremely tasty and thick as a result of our traditional chicken farming. If you would like to taste some of our chickens, we strongly suggest you to make a reservation. Rabbit meat is always available at our factory store instead.

Besides our meat products, at the Villotta factory store in Bannia you may also find a very wide selection of typical products, such as wines, sauces, various kinds of cheese, preserves and much more.